IceSlush Tokenomics

A breakdown of our key details representing the Tokenomics of IceSlush.

Key Details

Token Symbol
Token Contract Address
Initial Supply
6,000 SLUSH
Max Supply
175,000 SLUSH*
Initial Price
0.1 SLUSH/sec**
Initial LPs
6,000 SLUSH : 3,000 USDT.e
*Note: Tentative **Note: Manual variable emission will be adopted for optimal ecosystem balance.
There is no pre-sale. You can only buy $SLUSH once liquidity has been added at token listing.
Before farming starts, you can deposit your tokens to any farms or pools in advance. But there will be no farming rewards until the official farm launch.

Distribution from Emission

The development wallet will receive 10% of the emission rate. This will be used on various avenues, including partnerships, marketing and team allocation, whilst part of it will also be burned. This breakdown is detailed below.
The breakdown of token distribution from emission