🔵Migration Code Removed

The Smart Contract Migrator code has been removed for the safety of investor funds.

Ensuring Safe and Secure Deposits on IceSlush

Our top priority at IceSlush is and always will be investor safety and confidence. We aim to achieve this by providing a well curated project that is safe for all of our community to stake and earn, whilst your deposits remain safe and secure.

Our contracts and codes have undergone rigorous testing. This has been done in an attempt to further enhance the likelihood of a 100% bug-free yield farm. Our MasterChef contract has also been modified to remove the infamous migrator code, guaranteeing that there is zero chance of a rugpull happening.

Furthermore, we have sought to enhance security further by sending our codes for Paladin Audit. Results of this audit will be available once they are completed in the Audit, Review and KYC section. Rest assured, we have done our very best and will continue to prioritize safety to keep our contracts secure and your funds safe!

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